Ed Suter

Ed Suter - Photographer

Photographer Ed Suter is always on the lookout for the bright, the bold and the eye catching and his images serve as a window into the vibrant diversity of the South African Street. His eye for the unique and the offbeat and a love for colourful African fabrics is combined with the top quality manufacturing to create fun, yet functional, distinctly South African looking product.

"I grew up on farms in South African but after spending 17 years in New York and London I became more familiar with the feel of pavement under my feet than soil. A few months after moving back to South Africa in 2006, I was driving around the decidedly non-touristy area of Epping Industrial, a collection of warehouses, factories and architecturally uninspired business parks outside Cape Town when I stopped in from of the colourful menu offering cheap combos of fast food and local brand fizzy drinks painted on the wall outside the café.

After years abroad I was unfamiliar with luminous murals advertising bunny chows and vetkoek curried so I started taking photographs, struck by the brief colour, the hand-painted quality and distinctiveness of the menu.

Standing among the thundering trunks on tan industrial estate in from of the mural offering a cheap fish parcel with two litres of Double O is an odd place for an epiphany but everything about it was distinctly South African and above all, it made me laugh.

In London I had photographed street posters constantly – a day after day, week after week, the posters were always changing, slapped on top of each other, revealing layers of last week’s crop of new films, new music, and special offers. I t was urban wallpaper, put up to decorate the city, so I turned my menu photos into place mats. Everyone who looked at them seemed to sign in recognition at the fizzy drinks of their youth and the cheap meals from road trips on school holidays. Above all, they laughed too."

Visit Ed’s Website: www.edsuter.com