Mervyn Gers

Sindiso Nyoni

This self-developed graphic designer is known for his unique illustrations and contemporary street style through the use of pencil, ink, pastels and digital media. Sindiso combines the unconventional with street culture to create gritty, bold urban imagery coupled with vibrant colour; producing vivid pieces and a powerful underlying message.mrp home and Sindiso have worked together to beat winter chills and offer your bedroom a bit of local flavour.

Kurt Pio

Kurt Pio’s abstract expressionism fuses history, design, architecture and fashion to create instantly recognizable pieces that simply ooze flair. By capturing the beauty of all things around him, his work embodies diversity, just one glance is enough to excite and inspire. Kurt, in conjunction with mrp home, now offers you the chance to make winter warmth a piece of abstract art.

Mia Widlake

Everyday experiences, history and internet trends allow Mia Widlake to offer an awe-inspiring range of products ranging from lighting to textiles, ceramics and furniture. Monochromatic yet beautifully warm, Mia combines simple solutions and clean lines with a dash of colour. Mia and mrp home are proud to introduce a taste of simplicity and a dash of playfulness.

Kim Longhurst

Exploration, a natural desire to learn and the need to create a story allows Kim Longhurst to truly stand out. The seamless combination of illustration, portrait painting and attention to detail coupled with brilliant conceptualization are what makes every piece a work of art. A bit of fantasy, a bit of purity and a lot of devotion means that, to Kim, each creation feels like a piece of her heart. Kim and mrp home have combined a need for warmth and a mothers love to offer not just a blanket with a message, but a platform for many more winter memories.

Alex Hamilton

A fusion of pop culture, nostalgia and the desire to bring together multiple cultures allows pop artist Alex Hamilton to create colourful, textured, vintage pieces to make any room truly come alive. Fuelled by a love of all things quirky, his ranges of hand-stencilled pieces are perfect for anyone with a taste for something modern. Alex and mrp home are proud to offer a specially designed blanket with a warm dash of contemporary colour and design.